Monday, August 31, 2009

The Alpha Black Male

a white cuckold's perspective.

What a time for the Black man! Anyone watching the media would be forgiven for thinking that Black men dominate so many aspects of society. With our current cultural, media and social obsession with sport, music and celebrity Black men have been promoted to the forefront of society and images of strong, handsome and confident Black men are omnipresent on our screens.

Within a short period of time the Black man has gone from being a second class citizen to being the role model and aspiration for many white boys and men, and the ultimate desirable male for countless white women. Many of the most beautiful white women now date Black men and interracial sex is so prominent that it is virtually expected that every beautiful white celebrity will have a big Black man as her boyfriend. But what impact is this having on white men?

As a white man with an education in both the social and biological sciences the rise of the Black man is of intellectual interest but I’m also aware of the profound sexual impact it has had on me. I would never class myself as an alpha male but the presence of big dominant Black men has without doubt impacted upon and changed my sexuality. Despite being a loving, caring and family oriented guy a loving monogamous vanilla relationship is no longer my goal, rather I’m looking for a loving cuckold relationship with a white/Asian female who likes Black men.

Who knows what combination of factors make us who we are but I believe that it is a combination of my benevolent, submissive, and intellectual aspects that makes me desire a cuckold relationship. I want my partner to have all the best that life can offer and I can offer certain qualities, but I can’t give the sexual excitement that a big Black man can provide – this I know. Rather, I can offer stability, care and empathy, and support my partner’s desire for Black men.

Throughout most of human history we evolved in societies where a dominant male mated with numerous females and this is evidenced by the size differential in men and women – on average men are larger than women. The pair bonding of modern societies is a relatively recent phenomenon but because we have grown up with it we assume that it has always been the case – it hasn’t!

So, we have evolved in social groups where a few dominant males mated with most of the females but we now live in a society where pair bonding is the norm – how does this affect our psychology and what about the interracial element! For me personally, I want a relationship that combines all! I want a partner who wants to fuck dominant Black men but yet I provide a loving and stable long-term partner. To me this is natural but to most others it seems a betrayal of manhood and much worse!

Regardless of who or what we are, society has designated certain scripts for us to follow – whether they lead to happiness or despair is irrelevant! If you are a man you should do this and if you are a woman you should do that – anything outside of the script then you are an outcast and perverted. Are we happy following the scripts? Are they for our benefit?

I am a white cuckold male and society has no scripts for me, rather I follow my own desires and if they simultaneously satisfy me and my partner without hurting others, then to me that is acceptable. But what is a white cuckold male and what is their relationship to Black men?

Ultimately I cannot speak for all cucks but only me. As a white cuckold male I feel that Black men have completely changed my sexuality, no longer am I your standard white male waiting to be your partner and hubby. Rather, I’m a cuckold white man with the goal of helping you find and fuck the biggest alpha Black man – my sexual satisfaction is tied into your joy of Black men.

I know that my desire is to be a partner to a woman who likes big Black men. If you like Black men and want a loving partner to share your life with then give me a chance – I’m not an alpha male but I can help you find the alpha Black man and offer a few added benefits along the way!